Invest In Your People

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Half of organisations expect their recruiting budget to decrease this year while 66% anticipate their learning and development budget to increase or stay the same.

Recruitment is typically thought of as an external exercise. But in the face of an ongoing imbalance between talent supply and employer demand – something which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic, businesses need to start thinking differently.

Right now, the majority of investment is still being spent on attracting external candidates rather than on retaining and promoting current and potential talent which may already lie within your organisation. Have you considered the possibility that some of your most talented and underutilised employees are right under your nose and you don’t even know it yet?

Businesses need to be taking a more proactive and strategic approach to their workforce planning. The Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey 2021 reports that less than half (46%) of organisations have a workforce planning strategy based on a robust understanding of their people and current and future workforce needs. While 43% of businesses who responded tend to take an ad hoc approach to recruitment.

By promoting and invest in the development of people already within your organisation you can guarantee that you’re filling vacant positions with people who already understand your company, its culture and what is expected of them. Not only that, recruiting internally demonstrates to employees throughout your business that you’re committed to their future progression and onward growth with the company.

So now more than ever it’s time to better understand and optimise your people and unleash their full potential. Lead Talent has an experienced team of training and development specialists who can deliver exactly that. Dedicated to supporting our clients, the team can provide you with a range of professional and truly bespoke plans and solutions that help companies identify and build high performing teams from the ground up.

Applying a comprehensive four-stage Development Needs Analysis (DNA), each tailored training solution we build, delivers against your individual Talent needs, setting your team up to win.

Get in touch with David or Rachael now to find out more and to unlock the untapped potential within your organisation.