Delivering an outside perspective to realise your true business potential.

Our Proposition

Patrick is a highly successful business and recruitment specialist with over 25 years experience in delivering sustainable, profitable growth.

He has become widely regarded in the recruitment sector for his work supporting both major players and new entrants with their Strategic Objectives, Sales and Brand Management, Marketing and Talent Planning.

Using his unique, four-step strategic planning process, Patrick will work with you and the senior team, to produce a structured road map, from strategy to execution, focused on the three fundamentals of a successful business; Strategy, Talent and Brand.

Not only will Patrick and the team help you build the strategic plan, we will show you how to execute it, holding your team accountable, to ensure your business realises its true potential.

This formula combined with Patrick’s partnership led approach has helped his clients realise their true business potential and generate over £50M worth of additional profit for their businesses in the past eight years alone.

The foundation of Patrick's solutions are built on the following three areas:

What our clients say

We felt the company had begun to 
stagnate and needed an outside
 perspective to drive us to the next level and sustain our growth.  Patrick focuses 100% on you and becomes invested in the process, your business and your results. We hit our financial targets in the first 12 months and continue to work at higher margins with sustained growth.

Suzy Howard, Owner and Director
mme employment

What our clients say

Patrick started working with us at a time when the business was experiencing rapid growth. We needed a strategic plan to support our growth and develop our senior management team. Six years into the relationship, Patrick continues to support our business and is now working with the second generation of senior leaders identified through our succession planning strategy.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director
gap personnel

What our clients say

Patrick’s abilities within the Recruitment industry are truly unique and it’s rare that you meet people with his Leadership talent and business acumen. Patrick believed in me and my ability to develop in my career and took me out of my comfort zone where he knew I had potential. His energy and drive are infectious and his sense of humour and fun makes him a pleasure to work with.

Liz Edwards, Director,
Tradewind Recruitment

What our clients say

It was great to work with Patrick over the past four months. Having come into a CEO role and wanting to look at our strategic direction, Patrick supported us in understanding our position and our opportunities to develop. Most importantly he then assisted us in making a plan of how to get there, using the strategic objectives we’d identified.

Andy Dalby-Walsh, Chief Executive,
London Youth Games Foundation

Forward Thinking

Stop Following The Crowd

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Do you make time for your business when it needs it most? Are you too busy ‘in’ instead of ‘on’ the business?