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Our Proposition

The Lead Talent Strategy team is headed up by our founder and MD, Patrick Maloney. A highly successful business and recruitment specialist with over 30 years of experience delivering sustainable, profitable growth for SMEs in the UK and overseas.

Using our unique, four-step strategic planning process, our strategy team will work with you and your senior team, to produce a structured road map, from strategy to execution.

Solutions we help you: Build, Implement, and Own.

Not only will we help you build your strategic plan, but we will also show you how to execute it and drive accountability, to ensure your business realises its true potential.

This formula combined with Lead Talents partnership-led approach has helped our clients realise their true business potential and generate over £100M worth of additional profit for their businesses in the past ten years alone.

Driving A Materplan For Future Growth

“Emmerson Kitney was at a critical crossroads, lacking true direction and grappling with market challenges. With a promising proposition but lacking unified team support, our path to success and consistent growth seemed unclear. Enter Lead Talent and Patrick. Their impact has been transformative.

Lead Talent didn’t just offer solutions; they facilitated a strategic masterplan, guiding us through market adaptation and crucially, aligning our leadership team. Their expertise became our compass, steering us towards success.

Through meticulous strategy development and implementation, Lead Talent has helped elevate us above the competition amidst ongoing industry turbulence. Their profound grasp of our sector and commitment to our success has made a huge impact.

For businesses seeking a true partner invested in their growth through delivery of a proven process Patrick and the Lead Talent team come highly recommended. Their invaluable counsel and commitment have been instrumental in our turnaround.”


David Kitney

CEO, Emmerson Kitney

Building A Robust Strategy For Growth

“Since partnering with Lead Talent, AdBell has undergone a remarkable transformation. Under Patrick’s guidance, we’ve crafted a bold and ambitious vision for our business, underpinned by a robust strategy and detailed roadmap for execution.

The support from Lead Talent has been unwavering, ensuring that our strategy isn’t just a plan on paper but a driving force within our organisation. At every juncture, we’ve felt bolstered by their expertise and commitment.

Having previously worked with a Business Coach, who supported me at that particular stage of my personal leadership journey, I can attest that Lead Talent operates on an entirely different plane. The impact has been nothing short of transformative, not only for me but for our entire leadership team.

During our recent quarterly review, the progress we’ve made was evident and quantifiable. Armed with a clear plan for the upcoming quarter, we depart each meeting with a profound sense of commitment and support from Lead Talent on our journey.

For entrepreneurial businesses seeking genuine transformation and sustained growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick and the Lead Talent team. Their impact really does transcend consultancy norms, they foster tangible results and a culture of success.”

Simon Bell

MD, AdBell Group



An Entrepreneurial Mentor

“Patrick has been an invaluable business mentor. His support extends far beyond mere guidance; he’s been instrumental in shaping my leadership abilities, contributing significantly to my professional achievements.

Over the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of maintaining a close professional relationship with Patrick as I navigated various leadership roles. His encouragement and unwavering support inspired me to take the leap into entrepreneurship last year.

With Patrick’s wisdom backing me, I established my own business, assembling a dedicated team and setting ambitious growth objectives.

Now, in partnership with Lead Talent, we’re actualising those plans that once resided solely in my mind. Patrick’s ongoing mentorship has empowered me to harness the collective expertise of Lead Talent, as we develop a robust strategy, align our team, and set the stage for sustainable growth over the next five years.

Patrick’s counsel really does transcend conventional mentorship; he’s become an integral part of our journey towards success, and for that, I’m immensely grateful.”


Matthew Blane

MD, Honest Payroll

Partnering With Lead Talent To Delivery Our Most Profitable Year To Date

“Our partnership with Lead Talent has been transformational. The journey we have taken has been made together and we have felt supported at every step of the way. The process and the plan has helped us to set a clear vision for the business that the team are aligned to, and this has enabled us to gain traction and grow the business.

The whole team are committed to the vision and after the first 12 months of working with Patrick and the team at Lead Talent, we are on track to deliver our most profitable year yet, due to driving consistency, holding people accountable and managing performance.”

Graeme Dobson

Managing Director and Owner, Gilbert Meher



Building The Business On A Solid Foundation Of Process and Knowledge

“I could quote some truly incredible financials but what is difficult to quantify is how much more soundly I sleep at night, knowing that we have built a solid foundation.
If you are a creative entrepreneurial leader, I cannot recommend Lead Talent enough!”

Mike Chester

Owner, CONKER Furniture

A Plan To Support Business Growth

Patrick started working with us at a time when the business was experiencing rapid growth. We needed a strategic plan to support our growth and develop our senior management team. Six years into the relationship, Patrick continues to support our business and is now working with the second generation of senior leaders identified through our succession planning strategy.

Mark Roberts

Managing Director, gap personnel



Driving The Plan To Success

“Over the last 5 years, Patrick has been a catalyst in helping us develop our strategic vision and most importantly helping us drive the plan forward. Any leader will find huge value in working with such an insightful specialist.

Deb McCain

CEO, Hallam Medical



What Our Clients Say

“Patrick’s abilities within the Recruitment industry are truly unique and it’s rare that you meet people with his leadership talent and business acumen. Patrick believed in me and my ability to develop my career and took me out of my comfort zone where he knew I had potential. His energy and drive are infectious and his sense of humour and fun makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Liz Edwards

Director, Tradewind Recruitment



What Our Clients Say

It was great to work with Patrick over the past four months. Having come into a CEO role and wanting to look at our strategic direction, Patrick supported us in understanding our position and our opportunities to develop. Most importantly he then assisted us in making a plan of how to get there, using the strategic objectives we’d identified.

Andy Dalby-Walsh, Chief Executive,
London Youth Games Foundation

Building and Delivering a Strategy For Robust Growth

“Patrick has been an invaluable asset to me and Aardvark Swift in recent years. His expertise in shaping and implementing our strategic plan has been instrumental in propelling our business forward, maintaining a steady momentum of growth.

Beyond strategic planning, Patrick has played a pivotal role in shaping and supporting our Senior Management team, enabling me to delegate responsibilities at Aardvark Swift and focus on other ventures or simply take a step back when needed. His support has been invaluable during challenging moments, providing a much-needed listening ear in the often solitary journey of business ownership.

A down-to-earth Yorkshireman, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruitment to the table, making him an invaluable ally for SME business owners like myself.

I wholeheartedly believe that investing half an hour of your time in an initial conversation with Patrick could prove immensely beneficial for your business.”

Ian Goodall

Managing Director, Aardvark Swift

An Experienced Business Guide

“When launching Atlas Consultancy Group, I understood the necessity of expert guidance to navigate the intricate path of starting and scaling a business.

That’s why I turned to Patrick and Lead Talent. Patrick played a pivotal role in helping crystallise my vision and building a comprehensive plan to propel Atlas Consultancy Group forward. Together, we built a plan from where I stood to where I aimed to be, devising the strategies crucial for success.

Fast forward one year, and the results speak volumes. Thanks to Patrick and Lead Talent’s guidance, Atlas has flourished. With a dedicated team of five, we’ve surpassed our financial projections by a remarkable twelve months.

Patrick and the Lead Talent team aren’t just consultants; they’ve become integral partners in my business journey. Their expertise and unwavering support has been instrumental in our success, and l look forward to our continued partnership.

For start-ups or businesses seeking sustainable growth and scalability, Lead Talent stands out as the ideal partner for your entrepreneurial journey.”

Chris Hastings

MD, Atlas Consultancy Group

Our tailored solutions are firmly rooted in three key pillars: Business Strategy, Business Implementation, and Leadership Development.

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