How To Switch Off

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how to switch off

Create a pre and post work routine

Similar to athletes, we have to ensure that we are setting ourselves up to win and also manage our mindset after the “work day” has ended.

Set clear business hours

Be respectful of your time and don’t “give it away” for free. If you are free and easy with your time, the lines become blurred between when work should start and end.

Get outside

Make sure you benefit from being outside and spending time in the wider world. Studies have proven that people who connect with the outside world on a regular basis experience lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Invest your time wisely

Be careful with what you commit to and how much time you spend on your personal goals. You need to balance working on your own objectives as well as other people.

Invest in your energy sources

Those who take the time to invest in their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy sources have better control of where their energy and focus goes. These people tend to have a better work life balance.

Take control of technology

Make sure you are controlling your technology and its not controlling you. We live in an “always on’ world and we need to to be able to switch off and become more connected with ourselves.

Build your resilience

To be able to cope with what work brings, we have to build resilience and understand that things will happen that we can’t control. We have to assess where our attention is going and ask ourselves whether what we are doing is helpful or harmful.


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