Lead Talent is proud to announce the launch of its latest government funded training programme for Recruitment Consultants.

This extensive 10 module programme is 95% funded by the government or via your Apprenticeship Levy pot.  It is focused on developing the skills of Recruitment Consultants with 6 months+ experience within the recruitment industry.

Funding Options
Government Funded, or utilise your Apprenticeship Levy pot.

Our training sessions can be held at client sites or at the Lead Talent Training Retreat, Wetherby.

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Programme Modules

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Recruitment Consultant Orientation

  • Getting you prepared for the programme
  • Key elements of the apprenticeship
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Wednesday 14th October 2020 and Tuesday 8th December

Understanding Sales For Recruitment

  • Understand the preparation of sales activities
  • Understand the recruitment sales cycle and techniques
  • Objection handling and negotiation
  • Closing
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Wednesday 4th November 2020 and Wednesday 13th January 2021

Legal, Ethical, Regulatory Standards

  • Employer and Employee statutory rights
  • Recruitment-related law and ethical considerations
  • Compliance standards and regulations for candidates and clients
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Wednesday 9th December 2020 and Wednesday 10th February 2021

Understanding Relationship Management

  • Understand networking tools in the recruitment industry
  • Understand the development and maintenance of consultative relationships with clients in the recruitment industry
  • Understand how to build relationships with candidates
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Thursday 21st January 2021 and Wednesday 10th March 2021

Understanding Recruitment Operations

  • Understand the nature of the recruitment industry
  • Understand recruitment business operations
  • Understand finance within the recruitment industry
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Wednesday 17th February 2021 and Tuesday 15th April 2021

Understanding The Recruitment Market

  • Understand the recruitment market
  • Understand influences on the recruitment market
  • Recruitment models and pay rates
  • Glossary of recruitment terms
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Wednesday 17th March 2021 and Tuesday 11th May 2021

Understanding The Principles Of Assessing People

  • Generating candidates through different mediums
  • Develop skills to effectively headhunt new candidates
  • Understand the planning of candidate assessments
  • Understand the principles and techniques of candidate assessment
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Wednesday 14th April 2021 and Tuesday 8th June 2021

Review REC Content and Mock Exam

Wednesday 12th May 2021 and Wednesday 14th July 2021

Communication Skills & Relationship Building

  • Understand networking tools
  • Development / maintenance of consultative relationships with clients
  • Communication skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
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Wednesday 9th June 2021 and Tuesday 10th August 2021

Value Proposition & Branding

  • Understand Value Proposition and brand
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Utilising key information to provide proof of concept for clients/candidates
  • Identifying your key points of difference
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Wednesday 7th July 2021 and Tuesday 14th September 2021

Building Mental Resilience

  • Understand and accept change
  • Establish a new productive environment
  • Action plan for short and long term goals
  • Adapt working practices
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Tools and methods to manage a healthy mindset
  • Where to find inspiration
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Wednesday 11th August 2021 and Tuesday 12th October 2021

Building Your Business Plan

  • Creating a sustainable business plan for your desk
  • How to manage and grow your database.
  • Lead generation and new clients
  • Account maximisation
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Bespoke training

We also design and deliver bespoke training built specifically for your needs, held on site at your office or at our Training Retreat in Wetherby.

Day rate for up to 12 delegates
£1,500 + VAT per day
(plus expenses if travel is necessary)

Please contact Sharon Leonard for further information –
sharon.leonard@lead-talent.co.uk / tel: 07597 424568