Lead Talent is proud to announce the launch of its latest Leadership Apprenticeship Development Programme for those with Leadership experience.

This extensive 12 module programme is 95% funded by the government or via your Apprenticeship Levy pot.

This course focuses on the needs of experienced Leaders who want to invest in their skills and enhance their capabilities, whilst leading their teams with impact during this current period of uncertainty.

Funding Options
Government Funded, or utilise your Apprenticeship Levy pot.

Our training sessions can be held online, at client sites or at the Lead Talent Training Retreat, Wetherby.

Programme Modules

Inspiring Leadership Skills

  • Creating clarity on your Leadership core values
  • How to motivate and inspire your team to achieve
  • Examining the core pillars of effective Leadership
  • Understanding the importance of your personal brand
  • Identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours of successful Leaders
  • Areas of development and action plans

Situational Leadership & Coaching

  • Assessing Leadership styles and when to use
  • Diagnosing blockages in performance
  • Different types of coaching and models
  • Utilising the power of motivation during the coaching cycle
  • The power of skill and will
  • The difference between Leadership and Management
  • Best practice when delivering feedback

Building High Performance Team

  • Identifying the key elements of a high performing team
  • Understanding team dynamics and how they play a role in a team’s success
  • Defining clear goals and roles for effective team development
  • Understanding the organisational culture and its impact on the team
  • Creating team accountability to ensure ownership and action.
  • Developing the right culture for a team to thrive

Communication, Influencing and Impact

  • Examining the key ingredients of effective communication
  • Understand the different communication methods and challenges
  • Developing influencing skills in order to affect positive outcomes
  • Understanding when influence is needed
  • How to create positive impact within the team

Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management

  • How to build emotional intelligence as a Leader
  • Building recognition and regulation skills to lead effectively
  • The five conflict styles and how to manage them
  • Assessing the value of conflict in innovation and creativity
  • Creating a framework to manage conflict

Strategic Planning

  • Defining the power of an effective strategy on the success of a business
  • Tools to create clarity around planning strategic objectives
  • Linking operational activities to strategic objectives to create meaning
  • Connecting the team to strategic goals and the roles that they play

Business Analysis

  • How to analyse information to assess progress on strategic and operational goals
  • Utilising data to make informed decisions
  • Using analysis to assess performance, productivity and skills gaps
  • Assessing different tools to aid effective analysis

Project & Change Management

  • Effective project management
  • Impact of change and why it’s necessary in business
  • Key tools to assess change and implementation
  • Project Management Analysis


  • Understanding business finance and its key elements
  • Effective forecasting skills to aid business decisions
  • Effective budget management and clarity on profit and loss
  • Commercial awareness to support strategic objectives
  • The purpose of financial management in a business

Talent Management & Succession Planning

  • Identifying future talent to ensure succession planning
  • Appraisals and reviews to highlight skills gaps
  • How to attract and retain the best talent
  • The power of PDP’s and associated training for skills improvement
  • Analysing skills, productivity and core values gaps

Managing Performance

  • Effective performance management framework
  • Managing over/underperformance
  • Setting a clear business goal to improve or sustain performance
  • Utilising KPI’s and data to make informed performance-based decisions
  • The importance of company core values and key skills
  • Formal performance management process and outcomes

Bespoke training

We also design and deliver bespoke training built specifically for your needs, held on site at your office or at our Training Retreat in Wetherby.

Day rate for up to 12 delegates
£1,500 + VAT per day
(plus expenses if travel is necessary)

Please contact Sharon Leonard for further information –
sharon.leonard@lead-talent.co.uk / tel: 07597 424568