Mental Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

Phase 2: Module Nine

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One Day: Mental Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding & accepting change
  • Creating structure and an action plan to create short- and long-term goals in your work and personal life
  • Adapting practices to establish a route to win and have a positive outlook
  • Effective communication strategies to minimise feelings of isolation
  • Tools and methods to manage a healthy mindset
  • Finding inspiration to stretch & feed your mind


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Additional Modules

Building Your Business Plan

  • Creating a sustainable business plan
  • Managing and growing your database
  • Generate leads and new clients to maximise your market
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Effective Communication & Impact

  • Communication skills
  • Importance of non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Effective communication in a business setting
  • Attitude and impact
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Effective Client Visits

  • Creating confidence in client visits
  • Improve/maintain success rates
  • Client retention strategy
  • Client account strategy
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Effective Candidate Generation & Management

  • Post offer management of candidates
  • Candidate generating
  • Headhunting new candidates
  • Candidate networking skills
  • Referrals and references
  • Effective questioning techniques
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