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Time and Prioritisation

  • KPI management – working to your golden formula
  • The importance of assessing and categorising tasks
  • Utilising time management tools in order to be efficient
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Increasing Mental Resilience And Emotional Intelligence

  • Tools and methods to manage a healthy mind set
  • Understanding and accepting change and challenging situations
  • How to create structures and action plans for short, medium and long term goals in life
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How to build your credibility as a Recruiter

  • The importance of developing your personal brand and utilising your personal values
  • How to create an effective contact chain strategy
  • How to stand-out from your competitors
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  • Understanding the benefits of mapping the market
  • Headhunting and passive market approaches
  • How to maximise on engagement and different techniques to attract candidates
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Maximising Sales

  • Identifying prospects and the importance of research
  • How to utilise a structure for your sales calls and interactions
  • How to utilise your PODs and USPs
  • Account Maximisation
  • The importance of closing the deal
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  • Understanding the difference between internal and external stakeholders in relation to finance
  • Key terms related to finance practices in a business
  • Financial planning and analysis when formulating business objectives
  • Effective budgeting and forecasting when working towards business objectives
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Recruiting, On-Boarding and Training

  • Identifying when to recruit
  • Understanding how to recruit and interview
  • Effective bonding to impact on success
  • Delivering training sessions to your team in order to positively impact on performance
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Self-awareness and Conflict Management

  • Understand how to manage conflict
  • Raising self-awareness in order to positively influence relationships
  • Adapting behaviours to achieve a better outcome
  • Developing communication skills to resolve conflict
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Building High Performing Teams and Cultures

  • Understanding team dynamics and its importance
  • Creating clear team core values to enhance productivity within a working group
  • Building a high-performance culture to achieve success
  • Defining roles and goals within a team
  • Assessing individual desire, capability and understanding to drive performance
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Managing Performance

  • The difference between managing performance and performance management
  • How to effectively manage performance
  • Creating a culture of managing performance
  • Practical tools to support managing performance
  • Maximising team performance
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