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Unleashing Your Brand Power on LinkedIn in 2024: Insights and Tips


The LinkedIn game has evolved in 2024! So as we step into a new year, I thought it would be useful to share the latest tips and tricks with fellow SMEs.

So here’s my straight-talking, short and snappy top line guide to help you craft a more magnetic personal and company brand on this dynamic platform.


So Why Do You Need To Establish Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn?


In the hustle and bustle of LinkedIn, it’s no longer about the hard sell; it’s about becoming the trusted voice in your industry. Remember, people connect with people, not faceless logos.

So, leverage the power of your personal profile and repurpose your personal posts for your company page. In this space, personal brands are the secret sauce for LinkedIn success.


It’s Time To Optimise Your Profile With A Crystal Clear Headline:


Your professional headline is your digital introduction. You must be crystal clear about:


  1. What you do
  2. Who you help
  3. The Value you provide.

Clearly defining this is the first step to turning heads on LinkedIn.



Activate Creator Mode: Your Power Move


Switch to Creator Mode’ for extra functionality. When you do this, people will now ‘follow’ you, but they still have the option to ‘connect’.

The big difference between LinkedIn Follow and LinkedIn Connect is that you can be a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree LinkedIn connection when you follow someone but you are a 1st degree connection when you are connected – which then allows you to send them a LinkedIn message.

Bottom line? ‘Connect’ with people you wish to have a conversation and relationship with, and ‘Follow’ people who write interesting content.

Make sure you explore all the special features via the mobile app and make the most of the extended character count for headlines.


Video Content: Show Off The Human Face of Your Brand


If the emergence of TikTok, Instagram Reels and other social media add-ons has taught us anything, it’s that short-form videos are on the ascent. So its time to step out of your comfort zone.

The popularity of these concise, attention-grabbing videos is evident with consumers continuing to digest them in spades. In such a fast-paced, digitally dominated landscape, brands need to be able to stand out in bite-sized videos that capture their audience’s attention quickly and decisively, maintaining it enough to convey their compelling messages.

So it’s really important that as part of your content strategy on LinkedIn, you include video. LinkedIn Videos get 3x more engagement than text posts and are the most re-shared form of content on the platform.

BUT to be the face of a brand…you need expertise, passion, experience, willingness, decent camera presence, and articulate communication. So it’s not for everyone.

If this isn’t your thing, usually, someone from sales and marketing fits the bill.


Ways to Unlock Organic Reach on LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s algorithm might be a bit of a mystery, but it thrives on growth. With exceptional reach, LinkedIn remains a hub for valuable and accurate content. It’s not just a job platform; it’s a professional digital network influencing Google search results.


Top 6 Content Types for LinkedIn Success:


  1. Storytelling: Personal perspectives resonate.
  2. Thought Leadership: Share insights, white papers, expertise.
  3. Events: From attendance to organisation, share content before, during, and after.
  4. User-Generated Content: Let others speak about your product or service. Case studies and testimonials work wonders!
  5. Third-Party Content: Curate and share, adding your unique insights.
  6. Employee Advocacy: Humanise your brand with your team’s stories e.g. new team.

In this dynamic landscape, remember to be a resource, not just a sales pitch. Share insights, offer value, and be helpful. Sales will naturally follow when trust is established.


LinkedIn Content: So What Works Best Right Now?


  • Polls: The algorithm loves them, and people love sharing their opinions. But providing some context to the poll and you’re reason for it is key!
  • Carousel Posts: The second most popular, presenting information in a visually engaging way. Think Canva templates in order to do this!
  • Video Posts: Short clips with big subtitles, square format, good lighting—make it visually appealing.


Top Tips for Engaging Content:


  1. Call to Think (CTT) and Call to Feel (CTF): Encourage thought and emotion, steering away from overtly commercial, cheesy sales CTAs.
  2. Text Posts: Longer is better, but don’t beg for engagement. A good CTA? “Let me know what you think.”
  3. Engage Before and After Posting: LinkedIn rewards engagement with others’ content. After you post, don’t go anywhere! Nurture your post in the crucial first 15 minutes by responding to engagement.


Marketing Content Mistakes to Avoid


  1. X Steer clear of treating LinkedIn like any other social platform.
  2. X Cross-posting content from other channels
  3. X Limiting content to corporate speak, forgetting storytelling
  4. X Don’t rely solely on LinkedIn advertising for leads.

So it’s time to craft a brand that shine and resonates. I really hope this information helps and if you’d like me to dig any deeper on any of the information above, just give me a shout.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more “Brand Bites” by following my LinkedIn page:



Author: Jenny Holmes is Brand Director at Lead Talent Management Consultancy. Jenny has worked in the brand and marketing space for nearly 20 years helping to build brands with substance.

Today Jenny helps Lead Talents clients achieve brand brilliance through innovative and commercially effective brand strategies that answer their audience’s needs. To learn more about the work undertaken by the brand team click here.