Unlocking The Power Of Your Team: The Lead Talent ‘One Team’ Workshop

  • Case Study

At Lead Talent, we believe that building a powerful team starts with understanding the unique strengths and dynamics of each individual. That’s why we use data-driven insights from our Talent Dynamic Psychometric Assessments to understand and unlock the full potential of your team.


The Challenge

Having experienced significant business growth over the past few years, Hallam Medical has expanded their Leadership Team through a series of internal promotions. This expansion was the exciting next step in their powerful strategic growth plans.

The project started with a collective agreement on the importance of setting up the new Hallam Medical Leadership Team to ‘win’ so that together they could move forward and achieve their company vision.

This was a time critical project so the assessments and the ‘One Team’ workshop work was completed within a two-week timeframe. This enabled efficient and effective implementation of the new ‘One Team’ strategies and initiatives within the new Hallam Medical leadership dynamic.


The Solution

The Lead Talent ‘One Team’ Workshop experience had been carefully designed to bring out the very best in every individual and create a cohesive and powerful leadership force within Hallam Medical.

During the ‘One Team’ workshop, each member of the newly formed Hallam Medical leadership team received a personalised feedback session delivered by our psychometric expert, Emma Tolley. This helped individuals gain a deeper understanding of their own leadership styles and strengths and their areas for future development.

It doesn’t stop there – Lead Talent also delivered a collective team ‘off site’ results workshop at Hallam Medical headquarters, where we analysed and discussed the wider team’s results and identified areas for collective development.

An appreciation of each individual’s findings, an analysis of strengths, gaps and blind spots provided the basis on how the leadership team could enhance their collective ways of working. This provided a heightened sense of self-awareness and provided the team with practical strategies to refine and strengthen their individual skills as leaders.

Our Lead Talent ‘One Team’ framework also enabled easy interpretation of results and generated a common language for collective team discussion.

The ‘One Team’ workshop isn’t limited to assessments and workshops. Our MD and leadership specialist Patrick Maloney also provided strategic coaching to guide the Hallam Medical team towards success. Thanks to Patrick’s expertise, the team has learnt how to leverage their personal and collective strengths, overcome challenges, and align goals with their wider company vision.

The Results

Six weeks after the workshop was completed, we checked in with the team to review the impact of the Leadership ‘One Team’ Project with the newly expanded Hallam Medical team. The results were exceptional:

  • Increased Self and Team Dynamic Awareness.
    Creating open communication, a stronger sense of collaboration. Application of a common language to effectively navigate through challenging conversations and potential conflict.
  • A Greater Sense of a Shared Vision. Allowing the team to collectively move forward and achieve their company vision as one.
  • Improved Decision Making and Problem Solving.
    With structured guidelines, ensuring issues are raised, discussed, actioned and closed within timescales agreed.
  • Cultivating a Strong Sense of Teamwork.
    A team ready to move forward together to achieve their company vision.
  • A Clear Understanding of Team Role and Responsibilities.
    Where those responsibilities may overlap and how best to work together.
  • Increased Pace & Efficiency in Meetings.
    Through simple structures and rules. Involvement of only relevant attendees. Clear actions agreed with assigned ownership and responsibilities.


What Our Clients Said:

“Lead Talent’s One Team workshop was invaluable to the Hallam Medical team: helping us communicate more effectively; to our full potential; and ensure we work in a truly collaborative way delivering our business goal. Thank you to Emma and Patrick for all their support.”

Find out more about the benefits of the ‘One Team’ Workshop experience here.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of your team.


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