Gilbert Meher Case Study

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The Challenge

Gilbert Meher is a leading Healthcare, Social Care, Specialist Education and Life sciences recruitment provider. The Directors initially appointed a non-executive Director to support with shaping the direction of the business, allowing the company to grow and reach its true potential. Whilst a Non-executive Director can be a good choice for many businesses, the Directors realised that they, not only needed someone to provide independent oversight, but also needed someone to support with the ‘How To’; to work with them on creating the strategic plan, and most importantly, implementing and embedding the plan in the business. This is where Lead Talent stepped in and the journey began.

LT Solution

The Foundation

At the outset of the partnership, Patrick spent time with the Directors to gain a true understanding of the Business; the priorities, plans and challenges and what they wanted the future of the business to look like. Lead Talent also conducted interviews with staff members, to truly get an understanding of the business from all perspectives. With discussions and feedback collated and key themes identified, Patrick shared learnings with the full Directors team to discuss priorities, align expectations and outline timescales. Once these had been agreed, the Lead Talent Strategic planning process began.



As all great business leaders know, it’s not just about creating the strategy, that’s the easy part; it’s about implementing and driving the strategy; Putting the knowledge into action.

As a starting point, the Strategic plan was ready to be shared with the wider business and we worked together to ensure that this was delivered; outlining the Vision of the business, the plans, the priorities and how the team played a critical role in the way forward. Following this event, Lead Talent held a series of workshops with the management team, to further embed the plan and the new way of working through a clear structure of accountability and managing performance to deliver the plan.


What our client said

“Our partnership with Lead Talent has been transformational. The journey we have taken has been made together and we have felt supported at every step of the way. The process and the plan has helped us to set a clear vision for the business that the team are aligned to, and this has enabled us to gain traction and grow the business.

The whole team are committed to the vision and after the first 12 months of working with Patrick and the team at Lead Talent, we are on track to deliver our most profitable year yet, due to driving consistency, holding people accountable and managing performance.”

Graeme Dobson

Managing Director and Owner


What LT  delivered

✓ Reimagined the Gilbert Meher Values.

✓ Redefined the core focus and value proposition and helped to launch these to the business.

✓ Developed the 5-year Strategy, based on sustainable profitable growth.

✓ Built the 3-year directional plan focusing on the financial ambition and how this will be achieved through operational excellence, the brand and the people.

✓ Identified the key metrics and priorities to drive the business forward in the first 12 months.

✓ Implemented the new meeting structure and plan, driving consistency and accountability throughout the team.

✓ Clarity and direction for the business and a leadership team aligned to the plan.

✓ Planned structure and identified accountabilities across the business.

✓ Supported with rolling out Strategic Plans with each business division.

✓ Helped to create individual development plans, each linked to the overarching Strategy.

✓ Provided ongoing leadership, mentoring and coaching.


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