Game-changing Artificial intelligence!

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AI platforms like ChatGPT are sparking concerns in the industry that the “death of creativity, craft and copywriting” is upon us.


But before we reject AI as the villain of the industry we should open our minds and consider the value it can bring to our world when it is used in the right way.

At first glance, AI brings a wealth of value and opportunity to those businesses trying to cut costs in a challenging climate. But scratch away at the surface and you’ll find AI also has its limitations…after all, what AI cannot do is replace a brand’s authentic voice.

Remember AI is simply a computer system that mimics human behaviour through algorithms and programming. It works by using algorithms based on what has already been produced and what content already exists in the digital space.

What AI cannot do is code emotion. It cannot create thumb-stopping brand moments.


Ethical Trapdoors.

Brands also need to beware of the AI ethical trapdoors … of which there are many! What is particularly concerning is the lack of transparency around some AI tools namely:

  • AI decisions are not always intelligible to humans.
  • AI is not neutral.
  • AI predictions and analyses can sometimes be wrong.
  • AI lacks human creativity.
  • AI-based decisions are susceptible to inaccuracies, discriminatory outcomes, and embedded or inserted bias.


The Right Way.

But what AI can do is help rather than hinder our craft…if utilised in the right way. We should look upon AI as a complementary tool in our marketing and brand armoury rather than a threat to our very human capabilities.

It can help boost creativity, innovation and ideation. It can help improve our work by driving efficiencies at pace. It can develop some types of content in a cost-effective way, which is crucial at a time when budgets are under such intense pressure.


Consider using AI for:

  • Conceptual generation.
  • Thought-starter generation.
  • Editing word count.
  • Helping adjust the tone of voice.
  • Analysing vast amounts of customer data.
  • Personalisation of marketing campaigns and increased conversions.
  • Generate sketches and prototypes in real time, allowing designers to experiment and test different concepts quickly and easily.


Consumer Mindshare.

As good and humanlike as it is, ChatGPT is still just a machine, and machines lack the essential human elements such as empathy, intuition and experience. The crucial ingredients of any high-quality, brand and marketing message.

So, whilst competition for consumer ‘mindshare’ remains fierce as the average customer consumes 6,000 – 10,000 ads in a single day, it has never been more important for a brand to be distinctive if they are to stand out in the marketplace.

So, brand leaders, before you sack the copywriter in favour of AI, remember, ChatGPT can never and should never replace your authentic brand voice. It’s not a shortcut to winning consumer hearts and minds. Only human creativity can do that. Storytelling is an extremely human experience, brands will do well to remember that.


Author: Jenny Holmes is Brand Director at Lead Talent Management Consultancy. Jenny has worked in the brand and marketing space for nearly 20 years helping to build brands with substance.

Today Jenny helps Lead Talents clients achieve brand brilliance through innovative and commercially effective brand strategies that answer their audience’s needs. To learn more about the work undertaken by the brand team click here.