Do Your Team Respect You?

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Most people can remember their favourite teacher. The smiling, patient maths teacher who somehow managed to make quadratic equations exciting and fun. Equally, we can all recall the ones we hated. You never forget them, they stay with you forever…

By Patrick Maloney – Founder of Lead Talent Management Consultancy


Things don’t change much as you get older and enter the world of work. Most of us can recall a really bad boss. They can all look slightly different.

  • The unapologetic narcissist.
  • The one who never had time for you.
  • The intimidator.
  • The bully.
  • The control freak.
  • The mood hoover.
  • The one who was always MIA.

The list goes on…


But now you are the boss. A leader of people. Responsible for driving the business and its people toward success. But a business will only ever achieve this when it has a leader at the helm who engages, inspires and invests in its people. These leaders understand that a company’s greatest asset are its people… and you need to look after them.

A great boss isn’t just someone who knows their business inside out and can easily delegate. A great boss is a teacher. A mentor. Someone who encourages and inspires gaining the support of employees to lead the business forward towards success.

So how do you know if you are doing a good job? It’s rare that people are going to turn around and tell the boss if they are not up to the job…not unless they are ready for their P45.

So, you may need to do some soul searching for yourself. Ask yourself…am I truly up to the task? Am I really equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge? And critically… does my team respect me as their leader?

I ask you this question because toxic bosses are, unsurprisingly, the top cause of unhappiness in the workplace.


‘As the saying goes “people leave bosses not companies” and this couldn’t be more accurate given that two in every three UK workers experience a bad boss during their career.’


This may well have given you some food for thought and even challenged your own perception of how a great boss should operate? Or perhaps it will flag some bad practices you yourself are guilty of, and as such, some key development areas you may need to invest in to make you a better, more effective leader?

Remember, by investing in a specialised and focused mentoring programme it will pay dividends, not just for you, but critically for your people and the wider organisation.

But being a great boss isn’t something that just happens overnight, it takes time, effort and discipline. It may mean investing in your own professional development and being pushed out of your comfort zone. You need to understand the fundamental DNA that effective leaders all share, and the attributes of those who fail.

Below is a list of some of the worst leadership behaviours I’ve witnessed during my 20+ year career in the Staffing and Recruitment industry.




Investing in specialised and focused mentoring will pay dividends, for you, your people and the wider organisation.

Patrick Maloney is an experienced and respected leadership mentor. Patrick will push you to develop your leadership skills and realise your true business potential. To find out more and for a confidential chat call Patrick on 07715 326502.

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