Smokefree Generation

  • Case Study

How we used social media to reach the young people of Sheffield and create a resource to help them quit smoking for good!

The Challenge

As a core provider of youth smoking cessation services in Sheffield, Zest were keen to move their services into a model which attracted more self-referrals.

We needed to elevate the profile of youth services, making ‘Youth Smokefree’ the go to resource for 11-18 year old’s in Sheffield; in the process, empowering young people to quit smoking permanently.

Challenges, presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, meant that traditional face-to-face Smoke Free sessions were unable to take place in school settings. So, they needed a more innovative way to reach young people and make the Smoke Free resources accessible to their audience outside of the school context.

The Solution

We set out to give Youth Smokefree Sheffield a strong brand identity and a compelling digital hub, to take the place of a physical Quit Pack.

We needed to create visually striking, sharable and insightful social media content that resonated with the target audience whilst resourcing them to quit smoking.

Utilising partnerships with other local services was key to elevating the message, as was influencer and user-generated-content from within the Smokefree groups settings.

Go Live

The digital hub consisted of a static webpage and new social media assets to take the audience on a journey to quitting for good.

The campaign also translated into printed posters for GP Surgeries and Youth Clubs to maximise the partnerships between local services.

Through a series of 2D and animated assets focussing on the positives of quitting, a resource with longevity was established to increase opportunity for self-referrals onto the free 4-week quit programme.

What our client says…

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Lead Talent Brand Team.

They brought fresh thinking, creativity and expertise to the relaunch of our Youth Smokefree campaign.

We are very much looking forward to working with Lead Talent on the next phase of our social media campaign.

Laura Whitfield
Senior Health Services Manager, Zest