• Case Study

The Challenge

Valuestaff’s expansion had stalled. With ambitions to double in size to a recruitment agency of 20 desks, they felt that their Brand and positioning of “Everyone’s Happy” did not achieve the required cut through in the competitive construction market – especially with trades people in such short supply.

Step In Lead Talent. With a plan to redefine their values, proposition and promise, we set about building a solid foundation for their Brand Identity, based on indisputable facts to deliver impact ahead of expansion.

LT Solution

Building a Bold Brand.

A Brand without firm foundations will fail. We invested time with the Senior Team to really understand what makes Value Staff different: in product, in process in service together with a full review of their values: redefining the Value Staff DNA.

We set about building a strong, bold identity; one that resonated within the construction industry, stood out from the competition and reflected the unique Valuestaff proposition and personality.

With completed foundation work, creative and copy, the plot was set for construction.

Go Live.

To launch with impact and maximise engagement we delivered a carefully coordinated launch plan.

The brand was teased a month prior to launch with the internal teams to create a buzz. Then on launch day all Social Channels were reskinned and repopulated together with a brand new website, fully rebranded Office Space and complete suite of new Sales Tools. Finally, the full story amplified in all Construction Media through a coordinated PR campaign.


Once launched we set about ensuring the team used their new Sales Assets effectively. Consultants undertook training on their Values and Proposition using their new Sales Pack to ensure all conversations were grounded in the Value Staff uniques. The Brand team undertook training in Canva ensuring that all future Social Media content delivered a consistent look and tone.

The result surpassed all expectations. With the team fully behind the evolved brand, candidate numbers growing and more clients than they had before, Valuestaff are set for their next stage of growth.

Job Done.

What our client said:

“Lead Talent have transformed Valuestaff. Sharpening our values, re-defining our proposition and bringing it all to life across our digital channels and office space with incredible impact. They are also very nice people to work with!” Gregg Marrett, Managing Director