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Stop Following the Crowd. They’re all lost!

If your businesses future is so important to you, why don’t you make time for it when it needs it most? It’s likely you are too busy ‘in’ the business and not ‘on’ the business to see what’s happening and what’s ahead.


  • Clients plans are being rewritten.
  • Markets are being redefined.
  • Competitive advantages are being won and lost.


  • Staff shortages remain and staff costs are increasing.
  • Inflation is rising.
  • Energy costs are going through the roof.


  • Your dangerously entrenched in the present.
  • Your Strategic Plans “will have to wait” till you have more time.
  • You are making hay while the sun shines.

What you need is to start business planning for your medium to long term future NOW. If you don’t…you won’t have a future to plan for.

Patrick Maloney delivers realism versus idealism. He’s not the kind of Management Consultant who you commission to deliver a long-winded report on your business performance, which later becomes nothing more than an expensive office door stop. He’s never a silent witness in meetings.

What Patrick will do is build a plan with you and your people. He’ll walk alongside you every step of the way. He’ll challenge you. Ask the difficult questions. He’s hands on and practical. But most of all, he’ll deliver sustainable, profitable growth for your business.

So, if you want to discover how an outside perspective on your business can help you plan for the future, call or email Patrick today.

No strings, no charges, no obligations. | 07715 326 502