Importance of Good Leadership

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importance of good leaderhsip

Leaders are like teabags, it’s when they are in hot water that you see their true strength.

Mentoring business leaders during the pandemic, I have witnessed a mixed response. Some have been leading from the front, some leaders have been getting bogged down with operational detail and some leaders are nowhere to be seen or heard.

In times of uncertainty you have to lead from the front. Let’s look at the importance of good leadership.

Ask yourself, which camp do you fit in right now? Not sure? Take a look at the characteristics of a reactive, tactical and strategic leader. You may find you’re a mixture of all three…

Whatever the answer, hopefully it will shine a spotlight on areas for adjustment, improvement and continuity:

Meet the reactive leader:

  • They are managing not leading.
  • They are glued to the TV & computer screen.
  • They react rather than plan.
  • They are focused on what’s immediately in front of them.
  • They tell everyone how stressful their job is.
  • They don’t communicate with the business.
  • They furlough everyone including the whole sales team.
  • They avoid asking for help and expertise.

Meet the tactical leader:

  • They manage the day-to-day.
  • They are working at least one level down.
  • They get bogged down with the detail.
  • They are not communicating with the business effectively.
  • They are not delegating and using their team effectively.
  • They avoid asking for help and expertise.

Meet the strategic leader:

  • They are leading from the front.
  • They are using the talent pool around them to build operational silence supporting the day to day operations.
  • They align the team to the new situation.
  • They change the business mix to align with the changes in market demand.
  • They are clearly communicating to the whole business at every opportunity (minimum weekly).
  • They position the business as a trusted partner both internally and externally.
  • They are looking for the opportunity and tracking and monitoring leaders who are excelling in this market.
  • They are already speaking with advisers about plans for sustainability, growth and opportunity and building the strategy for when the crisis passes.

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So, which one describes you and what colour is your tea?

One thing for certain right now is it’s not going to get easier any time soon for UK leaders. Your team and your business need you to step up and lead from the front. You don’t want to look back on this situation in 12 month’s time and regret not taking the positive necessary action and building strategic resilience into your business for the medium to long term.

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